A great translation can only be done by a specialised professional translator who works into his or her mother tongue. A2MS relies on the professionalism and expertise of its team of more than 500 translators and guarantees the excellence of the work carried out.

Our office specializes in translation into Eastern European languages (Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Ukrainian), as well as Scandinavian (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish) and Asian languages (Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese), and of course Western European languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)

Our work ethics

Martine Filiptchenko

We guarantee you a high quality service that meets your expectations:

  • During the quotation, we help you specify your request, and guide you to optimize costs and deadlines.
  • Our project managers prepare the project using the most efficient tools in our profession, such as Memsource or Sdl Studio.
  • The translation project is sent to an experienced translator who is a specialist in the field, and then proofread in its entirety.
  • Our TPBOX platform allows you to access your documents at any time or request a new quote, while ensuring the strictest confidentiality of your documents.

    Martine Filiptchenko, Manager

Translation of professional documents

Whether you need a simple letter, a huge manual, a presentation for a conference or a website, A2MS provides you with the business translation services you need for your business.
We seek above all to combine quality, price and speed. We respond to your requests as quickly as possible, respect the deadlines set, provide quality translation services, always offering you advantageous rates.