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We follow a highly efficient quality process, to ensure exemplary quality.

As soon as we receive the documents for translation, we prepare a precise quote within a few hours, with the number of words and the price per word, taking into account any repetitions. You know the exact cost and there will be no surprises.

As soon as we receive your confirmation, we prepare the project before sending it to the translator. You will then receive a link to our translation project management platform, TPBOX (which is entirely secure and accessible only with a login and password).

The translator or the translation team, who translate exclusively into their mother tongue, use, whenever possible, a translation memory such as SDL Studio or Atril Deja Vu. This ensures consistent use of terminology throughout a single document or across many documents, even if they are not translated at the same time. The use of a translation memory makes it easier for you to edit your document later, without having to pay for the translation again. There can be a proofread by a second specialised translator when required.

Our project manager proofreads the document and controls its quality. Page layout services can also be provided if necessary.

The translated documents are sent to you by e-mail, secured ftp or any other means of your choice.

We use the specialised platform TPBOX. This platform gives the client fully secured access which will enable you to find your translated documents months or even years after the work has been done.

A2MS has been in business for 24 years, so you can benefit from our extensive experience.

Today, the A2MS team consists of more than 300 translators.

We follow a highly efficient translation process, to ensure optimal quality.

We specialise in Eastern European languages, but we also have large networks for Northern European and Asian languages.

Our vast experience means that we are renowned experts in many domains.